Feature Film: Mission Ninety Two Energy + Shorts Films! “WORLD STORIES” ACTION & ADVENTURE!

Feature Film: Mission Ninety Two Energy + Shorts Films! “WORLD STORIES” ACTION & ADVENTURE!


Festival Limelight Selection from the Snowdance Independent Film Festival! 


Feature Film:

mission 92 energy melbourne indie film festival

Mission Ninety Two – Energy  (GERMANY, USA, CANADA, FRANCE)


Language: English (mostly), German

(Australian Premiere)

Director: Guido Toelke
Cast: Julia Dordel, Eric Breker, Adrian Holmes, Denise M’Baye, Uwe Boll, Mark Eichenseher, Matthew Thiessen, Anita Reimer

Forest Scientist Sonia Engelhardt lives in hiding. While conducting research in the Canadian wilderness she unwittingly stirred up a hornet’s nest of organized environmental crime. Alone and on the run, she is determined to solve an environmental crime with international implications: Behind the guise of a transitory energy policy, a terrorist group consisting of people from the nuclear power industry prepare for a fight to secure control of future global energy supply. From Berlin to East Frisia, and then back to North America by sea, Sonia tracks down a conspiracy with the project name “NinetyTwo”, the atomic number of uranium and finally winds up deep below-ground. Hardship, painful losses and infinite loneliness turn Sonia into a kick-ass avenger who fights her way back from Europe to North America to find the last piece of the missing puzzle.


Short Films:

like a summer sonata melbourne indie film festival

Like a Summer Sonata (GERMANY)

Director: Natalie MacMahon

Cast: Jonathan Florez, Ekaterina Prokofyeva, Natalie MacMahon

“Two Strangers, one Secret, a lot to lose”

Paloma shares a dark secret with Stephen that she uses to play with him according to her rules. Torn in between being attracted and scared of him, she starts following him everywhere he goes, trying to find out more about him and his secret.

little things - melbourne indie film festival

Little Things (BRAZIL)

Director: Amanda Loureiro

Cast: Rafael Brits, Aline Francis, Marta Laureano

The last minutes of a relationship.

lachek i mean melbourne indie film festival

Lachek, I am mean (SWEDEN)

Director: Fateme Gosheh

This is a naive surrealistic animation film about a girl. Her name is Rokia and lives with her family in suburban in Sweden. She got a veil from her unemployed father. Rokia lose the veil. She does not dare to back home. What should she do?

out of time melbourne indie film festival

Out of Time (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Mark Newell

Film created during short course in Stop-motion Animation. A short story about a old Professor who has a formula to save the world, but he’s running out of time…


Tuesday, 12 July 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (AEST)


Cinema Space at The Loop Project – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000