an entanglement melbourne indie film festival

An Entanglement (USA)

Director: Dylan Sanford

Cast: Shiri Appleby, Sean Bell, Gary Wolf

A woman’s world comes crashing down when a stranger reveals he’s been hired to kill her. What follows is a dark proposition: pay double, and she can turn the hit back on her murderous husband.

the fawn response melbourne indie film festival

The Fawn Response (USA)

Director: Wynter Rhys

Cast: Hans Luther , Dan Crisafulli , Kay Whitney

What happens when two serial killers meet over coffee – to discuss the victim they have simultaneously targeted?

Flight Fright - melbourne indie

Flight Fright (USA)

Director: Jim Politano

An airline passenger with a fear of flying starts to see strange things after taking nerve medicine. You may never look out a window again after watching this dark comedy tribute to Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet”. Features a funny cameo by Eddie Deezen. (Grease, 1941, WarGames, The Polar Express).


hookman short film melbourne indie

Hook Man (USA)

Director: Kevin Ignatius

Cast: Nick Psinakis , Haneefah Wood , Mick Thyer , Jerry Hoffman

A struggling music producer sells his soul to a drum machine.


hypogeum short film melbourne indie

Hypogeum, (ITALY)

Director: Alessandro Moscatt, Alessandro Della Villa

Cast: Elena Scomazzetto, Gabriele Tiziani, Rossella Ambrosini, Claudia Campolmi

The film celebrates the spirit and aesthetics of a certain pulpy genre of Italian ’70s cinema, exploitative but not only, B-movie but not only…

The story begins with two troubled lovers fighting during their journey into an unknown town, where they end up in an empty inn served by two unsettling waitresses. The place hides something dark, nourishing of their bad blood, transfiguring their feelings, attracting them in the darkness of its underground: this is the beginning of the descent into Hypogeum.

Il cortometraggio è un omaggio all’estetica e alle atmosfere del cinema italiano di genere degli anni ’70, ma con una rivisitazione in chiave moderna.

Tutto inizia da una lite violenta all’interno di una coppia in crisi, i due vagano nella notte in un paesino sconosciuto e capitano in un locale deserto con due strane locandiere. Il posto nasconde qualcosa di oscuro che si nutre dei loro dissapori, trasfigura i loro sentimenti e li attira nel buio profondo dei suoi sotterranei: è l’inizio della discesa nell’Hypogeum.

ondel ondel melbourne indie film festival

Ondel-Ondel (INDONESIA)

Director: Felsya Sunarjo

Cast: Yudethra Dedet, Ni Nyoman Wira

In a rural Betawi neighborhood on the outskirts of Jakarta, lived a young boy who has a fear of a traditional giant puppet, called Ondel-ondel. He find himself being haunted by the giant being, as he sees it everywhere in his house. Will he defeat his monster?

o the movie melbourne indie film festival

O – The Movie (NORWAY)

Director: Frank Aron Gårdsø

Cast: Ole Bang Foss, Siri Aleksandra Mordal, Emina Menkovic, Theodor Olai Aaberge

Four friends are on a hiking trip into the deep midst of a forest. While filming the trip they accidentally lose one of their cell phones. In search of the lost phone they discover a mysterious black hole in the ground. Curious and puzzled by this newly discovered hole, they decide to explore it, which leads to a dramatic chain of events.

Sealed with a Kiss (UK)

Director: Darren Rapier

Cast: Gillian Kearney, David Michaels, Abigail Hardingham, Brian Bovell

Cheating Edwardian escape artist Max can escape anything, except the revenge of his wife.

whisper short film - melbourne indie film festival

Whisper (UK)

Director: Jo Lewis

Cast: Imogen Doel

A young woman travels to a remote beachside cabin in an attempt to finally quit her heroin habit. While there she accidentally sets in motion a chain of sinister events. Hauntingly beautiful, Whisper is a modern day ghost story that will keep you gripped from start to spine-chilling finish.




Monday, 11 July 2016 from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM (AEST)


Cinema Space at The Loop Project – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne, VICTORIA 3000